Viatek Consumer Products

This is the question that comes to everyone’s mind. Why purchaseViatek Consumer Products? The answer is very simple; because there are no other product like VP’s! They are most reliable, easy-to-use products on the market! Consumers can trust the quality of product because Viatek also stands behind its limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The mastermind of the group is Mr. Lou Lentine,who stands behind the whole process. From the first idea, to the design, to the development, to the procurement of the right and the best raw material, he makes sure that each product is made with strict quality control during manufacturing. Essentially, there is no other product that match the standards Viatek Consumer Products upholds. It is for that very reason that there is an overwhelming response for their products worldwide!

Consumer products are normally tangible items that are sold in department and convenient stores for consuming directly, in order to satisfy a need. People of all ages buy these products for their personal, family or household use.Viatek Consumer Products are categorized as consumer goods because they are used to assist consumers. These products are meant for performing and executing a function with ease within the comfort of home without the added expensive of seeking a professional solution.

In order to support these claims,Viatek Consumer Products has developed the world famousMighty JumpPRO, an emergency car jump starter that allows you to jump-start a vehicle without leaving the driver’s seat. When the Mighty Jump is plugged into the dashboard cigarette lighter, it transfers power from itself to the car battery, using the internal wiring of the vehicle. It eliminates the confusing use of jumper cables that rely on a jump-start from another car. Conveniently, operating instructions are clearly printed on the unit making it very easy to use. The latest modified version of this unique products renders improved performance through increased Heat Dispersion, a new Heavy Duty PRO Aluminum Top, multiple use capability, re-chargeability, and provides 50% higher output and increased voltage. This awesome, efficient, is just one of the great products developed by Viatek Consumer Products. As of today, millions of units of the Mighty Jump PRO have been sold throughout the world.

Viatek Consumer Products are manufactured by Viatek Consumer Products Group Inc., Chattanooga TN. USAin direct collaboration with the top businessesin more than 50 countries around the world. 100% of the buyers of Viatek products are happy, satisfied and content after purchase.All the VPs are available for sale on-line, 24 hours a day. Customer service is always available to immediately answer all queries.